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Family Giving

We support organizations that have connections and meaning to our family.
family giving swings

What We Fund

This giving area includes gratitude giving to organizations that have been instrumental in our personal journeys. It also includes grants to non-profits that we consider particularly inspiring and that do not fit a current initiative, or that are doing work adjacent to one of our giving areas in Sunlight Giving or Solidarity Giving. In many ways, Family Giving is a local reflection of the work of Sunlight Giving, Solidarity Giving, and our Empathy Building initiative.

How We Fund

This area has a small discretionary allocation, less than 5% of our total budget, and has no public guidelines. Because our primary focus is on our initiative-based programs, we have a hands-off relationship with these grantees. We do not highlight these grantees on our website, but the vast majority appear on our downloadable grants list. A select few have been omitted in order to maintain the privacy of our family.

Family Giving