Animal Connection

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We believe that broadening our circles of care to include animals helps deepen our capacity for empathy. By cultivating relationships with animals through stories and direct experiences, we appreciate our interconnectedness and the opportunity to be part of something greater.
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Through the use of story and humane education, we believe in building compassion for animals and the communities with which they share their homes and resources. We support organizations that foster animal-human relationships in order to teach people, especially children, to respect and care for animals. In addition, we fund organizations that highlight how our bond with animals can be an initial step toward building stronger relationships with each other, our communities, and our world.


While we anticipate our funding will evolve with a field that is growing, we are committed to learning and prioritizing organizations that are closely aligned with the following criteria:

Sharing compelling stories and narratives of animals and our connection with them

Facilitating intentional connection between animals, humans, and their shared environment

Offering a broad reach (national or significant regional footprint)

Encouraging listening, opportunities for reflection, dialogue, and community action

What We Don't Fund

We do not fund organizations focused on animal rescue and protection; sustainable practices around farming, fishing, or food production; land trusts or environmental conservation efforts; direct support for animal services and animal caregivers.