Empathy Building

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Building connections across difference sparks compassion and caring, makes us better listeners and leaders, and reminds us of our common humanity. This initiative supports opportunities for people to reaffirm and strengthen their capacity for empathy.
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What Do We Mean By Empathy?

Empathy is defined as the capacity for and action of understanding others' feelings, thoughts, and experiences. What is more, it promotes connection and expands our ability to care. Research also shows us that listening to a person’s story, joining in shared experiences, and engaging in community, can deepen our empathy. It is in these moments, we are reminded of our common humanity. Empathy is not a fixed trait, rather one that can grow by nurturing and strengthening. When we flex that empathy muscle, we reinforce our capacity to respect and understand across lines of difference.


Our desire to increase empathy in the world is not to further one particular cause. We believe that a more empathetic society fosters stronger, healthier, and more just communities. Leading the way, is a robust cross-cutting sector of nonprofits, communities, and individuals committed to building our collective capacity for empathy. It is our hope that the many approaches and methods being deployed can uplift our common humanity and inspire people to act and make the world a better place.


We recognize our role as funders is to listen and be responsive to organizations on the ground, doing the hard work.

We see leaders in the field and community voices as the experts, and seek their guidance to inform our approach and, ultimately, our grantmaking. By conducting landscape reviews, staying informed by our grantees and fellow funders, we strive to meet and evolve with a growing field. Currently, we facilitate general operating grants and occasional project or capacity support, through four overlapping program areas.