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Stories are a meaningful way to build empathy. We believe that authentic stories have the power to move hearts and minds and unite us all. Hearing someone’s story creates a moment of reflection that prompts us to confront personal values and assumptions, radiating into a stronger, broader sense of a shared humanity. Stories provide exposure to different lives, experiences and cultures.
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We support organizations that provide a vehicle or space which elevates the voices of authentic storytellers and shares their stories. We value stories from across the spectrum of the human experience, offering audiences varied perspectives and a deeper awareness of this complex world.

Our partners elevate and distribute stories using methods such as: books, performances, podcasts, radio, documentary film, photography, and other forms of emerging media and exhibitions. In some cases, organizations utilize or provide spaces that promote individual and communal listening and dialogue. In each of these approaches, our partner organizations deliver thoughtful connection between storytellers and listeners or larger audiences. It is through these connections, we believe, that stories have the power to promote empathy and open hearts and minds.


While we anticipate our funding will evolve with a field that is growing, we are committed to learning and prioritizing organizations that are closely aligned with the following criteria:

Facilitating intentional connections between storytellers and audiences

Elevating authentic stories from underrepresented populations, such as BIPOC communities, or geographic regions less heard, such as communities from rural or non-coastal areas 

Reducing barriers for storytellers and promote access for individuals and varied audiences

Offering programming with a broad reach/scale (national or significant regional footprint)

Encouraging listening, opportunities for reflection, dialogue, and community engagement

What We Don't Fund

We do not fund storytelling for the sake of advocacy, fundraising, or impact and marketing campaigns; organizations with the sole purpose of preserving or archiving stories; teaching the art of storytelling; direct support for artists or storytellers.