For Grantseekers

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us. Our team takes a proactive approach to identify potential grantees and collaborative opportunities by scanning the landscape for organizations aligned to priorities within our initiatives and program areas.

While we are not currently expanding our Empathy Building Initiative portfolio, we are always open to learn more about organizations and projects that are new to us, and welcome inquiries from prospective partners and others who seek to learn about our grantmaking.

Our Other Giving, New Pluralists, and CGRE area portfolios are internally directed areas of our grantmaking.

Current partners with questions about grants should contact their program officer.


Inclusion in our grantmaking is determined by an organization’s alignment, proximity to our Empathy Building Initiative’s mission and program area priorities, as well as how an organization's particular body of work compliments the efforts of our greater portfolio of current grantees. Please review each program area page for specific eligibility criteria. Grants are evaluated on a case-by-case basis through due diligence and conversation.

We encourage you to review our grants list which includes our current partners for comparison, as well as our How We Work page, for insights on our timeline, process, and examples of our application.

Organizations must:

Have 501(c)3 status or be a fiscally-sponsored project

Align with one or more of our giving areas in our Empathy Building Initiative:


Animal Connection

Areas of Exploration

Good Fight Grants

Have a national or broad reach (statewide or expansive multi-region)

What we don't fund

We typically do not fund lobbying and activities to influence specific legislation, medical research, endowments, or individuals. In addition, we do not support organizations that discriminate against groups or individuals, or organizations that promote religious doctrine in the delivery of programs and services.

Introduction Form

If you meet our basic eligibility requirements in the yellow box above, please feel free to introduce your organization. This is not an application for funding, but an opportunity to share more about the great work your organization is advancing in the Empathy Building landscape.

Introduction forms are reviewed and considered as a "collective" twice a year - in May and October. We do this to ensure equitable consideration as we review our Empathy Building Initiative as a greater portfolio and body of work.

Forms submitted October through April will be reviewed in May.
Forms submitted May through September will be reviewed in October.

We appreciate your understanding and patience with our small but mighty team!