Other Giving

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Other Giving is an area of the Acton Family Giving budget that complements our focused initiatives and sister entities, while leaving "runway" for future program growth.
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We work thoughtfully to support organizations that advance the collective priorities of our initiatives and sister entities, and have connections and meaning to our family and board. We also strive to meet critical, emergent needs with responsive, capacity, and flexible funding. This area lets us honor our minimum 5% annual payout commitments across our philanthropy, while holding space for future opportunities without impacting our existing programs, budgets, and partners.

What We Fund

This allocation of our funding is categorized by:

One Time Gifts

Capital, capacity, and seed funding to Wildcard entity grantees or to nonprofits working adjacent to our programs

Responsive Grants

Support to grantees and communities across all our entities during emergencies

Board Directed

Grants to organizations and programs of board member service and priorities

Gratitude Giving

Donations that recognize organizations that have been instrumental in our personal and philanthropic journeys

Family Giving

Grants to nonprofits in our local community that offer opportunities for young families, as well as to organizations closely aligned with our family’s interests. The grantees we support will change over time as we age and grow

How We Fund

We identify opportunities alongside our family, Board and staff at Sunlight Giving and Solidarity Giving. As our primary focus is on our initiative-based programs, we are fairly hands-off with these grants and do not require organizations to follow a formal application or reporting process. This funding area is not open for applications, proposals, or letters of inquiry.

Other Giving recipients can be found on our downloadable grants list. A very small number of grants have been omitted in order to maintain the privacy of our family.

Please refer to the How We Work page for more information on our grantmaking approach.