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Good Fight Grants

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From time to time, we come across challenges that feel solvable with the combination of a little funding and the collective will to get it done.
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The work supported across the Wildcard entities addresses social injustices and systemic problems, such as housing insecurity, economic instability, and immigration reform. The Good Fight grants, in particular, aim to confront challenges that are emblematic of these larger issues. These grants are small, incremental wins in larger and ongoing fights. They help to raise awareness and highlight issues and inequalities. As we learn of organizations actively addressing such disparities through the power of story, we are inspired to help contribute to the fight. These narratives help ground us in the need for change.

These are one-time responsive grants.


We support organizations that target actionable inequalities and spotlight particular issues or causes. We identify opportunities alongside our teams at Solidarity Giving and Sunlight Giving. 

In particular, we seek opportunities to support organizations/ campaigns that:

Target actionable injustices and spotlight a well-defined/ specific issue or cause

Propose immediate solutions for the problem at hand

Use authentic stories to engage communities and deepen awareness and concern

Seize a moment to inspire further conversation and dialogue

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Please check out our Grants List to better understand how we join Good Fights.

Good Fight Grants