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Good Fight Grants

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From time to time, we come across challenges that feel solvable with the combination of a little funding and the collective will to get it done. We see supporting the organizations confronting these challenges as a way to live our values by demonstrating our empathy in action.
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What We Fund

Without tackling entire systemic problems facing our communities, Good Fight Grants go to confront challenges that are emblematic of these larger issues. These grants won’t end poverty, but they will help to provide school children across the country with socks and coats. They won’t stop sexual assault, but they will help to ensure that rape kits are tested when women bravely step forward to report these crimes. Funding won’t fix misogyny or put right the gender pay gap; but it can at least make certain that, of the many statues of notable figures in Central Park, at least one is of a woman. 

At best these are small, incremental wins in larger and ongoing fights. They help to highlight issues and inequalities, and to raise awareness. They are not the cure, but these opportunities are tangible and we fund them because we believe in the power of momentum.

Funding Priorities

We support organizations that target actionable inequalities and spotlight particular issues or causes. We identify opportunities alongside our teams at Solidarity Giving and Sunlight Giving. This grantmaking area is not open to applications at this time.

Good Fight Grants