Areas of Exploration

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We allocate a small portion of our budget to learn about organizations in the field, aligning with our Empathy Building goals.
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As our ongoing exploratory giving, this program area will continue to evolve and inform our grantmaking throughout the Empathy Building portfolio. It allows for experimentation, responsiveness, and the ability to reflect on empathy as a field and learn from what the research is showing. We offer time-bound, project-based, and capacity building grants. Most grantee recipients in this program area will not have a permanent place in the portfolio.


With requests for proposals, we seek organizations from any discipline that advance the empathy landscape in ways that align with our priorities, below. In particular, we seek opportunities to support organizations that:

Elevate voices and distribute stories in new and innovative ways

Uplift voices of populations and communities less heard

Conduct research and facilitate implementation of findings through real-world application

Develop resources that meaningfully inform our understanding of and approach toward building empathy

Encourage listening, opportunities for reflection, dialogue, and community engagement

Offer a broad reach (national or significant regional footprint)

Respond in real time to shifts and needs of communities

What We Don't Fund

We do not fund commissioned research, organizations that emphasize individual mindfulness and wellness practices, empathy as a lens for consumer research, empathy in artificial intelligence systems.