Collaborative for Gender + Reproductive Equity

Without control over our body and the agency to plan our future, we will never be free and we will never be equal. With this initiative, we join like-minded funders advancing issues of reproductive health and women’s rights.
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Strength In Numbers

We are proud to support the Collaborative for Gender + Reproductive Equity. We view our shared commitment to advancing reproductive health and women’s rights as inextricably linked to the advancement of girls, women, and humanity more broadly.

Together with our fellow funding partners, we envision a nation in which each woman, no matter her zip code or income level, has the knowledge, resources, and power to shape her own life. To us, that means building a world where reproductive health care is centered around a woman’s needs, including access to contraception and abortion that is safe, legal, and stigma-free.

Why Did We Pick This?

Reproductive and women's rights are tied directly to economic opportunity, health care, and human rights.

Reproductive Care Is Health Care

Reproductive health is integral to women’s overall health and well-being. All people deserve access to the full range of medical and reproductive health care services, education and options, regardless of income or immigration status.

Economic Opportunity

One of the biggest levers to expand opportunity is the ability and agency to plan for the future. Ensuring that women can make decisions about their own reproductive health is key to maintaining economic mobility.

Women's Rights Are Human Rights

All people hold the right to live free from coercion, discrimination and violence. Yet women and girls are still denied these rights, often simply because of their gender.

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Additional Support

We support reproductive health in other areas of our portfolio across the Wildcard Giving entities: 

Solidarity Giving supports and defends America’s civic values, supporting organizations that promote civic engagement, serve threatened communities around the country, and advance social justice including women's and reproductive rights.

Sunlight Giving believes a child’s economic status should not define their future. It is dedicated to supporting nonprofits that ensure young children and their families living in poverty in greater Silicon Valley have access to the resources they need, including health and reproductive care.